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A North Carolina Drug & Alcohol Recovery Center

Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Addiction Treatment on the Beach

Denise Kozer, Owner of Footprints in Recovery Beach Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Center in NC

Denise Kozer RN, BSN, CSAC
The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of love. Loving them and never giving up on them.”

Footprints in Recovery is located on the beautiful Outer Banks in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  We are a private and discrete 8 bed drug and alcohol recovery center treating adult men and women. We encourage our clients, who are striving to be free from chemical and substance abuse dependency, to actively embrace the principles that will help them in the recovery process.   At Footprints, our mission is to raise the standard in comprehensive addiction treatment services and provide an unsurpassed personalized treatment experience for our clients. We believe in fostering and empowering the client’s total strengths, and we go beyond the drug addiction diagnosis.  With this treatment philosophy, we identify a client’s personal strengths and goals and care for our clients to facilitate change and empowerment for a healthier life. Learn to live life again.

Growing up with Addiction

Growing up in a household of insanity,  domestic violence and “secret addiction” – I learned that we all need help and healing from this treatable disease.  I thought that my life was pretty “normal” but in the end who knows what is normal!

I have worked in community health, the ER, psychiatric units and major substance abuse facilities. I hated the stigma that follows addiction, but in fact people need help and a fresh start. Addicts are not necessarily bad people, but this disease of addiction has such a stranglehold on them that they don’t even realize how sick they are. I decided to open my own alcohol and drug rehab facility…Footprints In Recovery.  Life has given me a wonderful husband, four terrific kids  and wonderful friends who have been behind me 100% as we have helped hundreds reach towards their best potentials.

Recovery defined is: the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost…. that is My Life. Its been a long journey, but it comes full circle as long as you never give up.  I just changed my direction to never give up on fighting this fight. It feels like a sober sane home by choice .

Thank you all……….

Never give up on anybody, miracles happen everyday!

Individualized Addiction Treatment on the Beach

Each client will be receive an initial assessment based on their personal history and circumstances. Our admission application is designed to allow our staff to fully understand each clients needs and gives us a starting point so that the best treatment plan for that individual can be applied immediately. Once we have a treatment plan in place for you, we are ready to begin the journey with you. We believe strongly in the 12 step philosophy and that there is always hope.  Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program offers 30, 60, and 90 day programs.

We provide each client with group therapy in small but structured groups, in a variety of settings. All clients also receive weekly individual counseling as well as 12 step meetings, mindfulness/meditation, yoga, equine and farm utilization and daily activities. Our activities include beach walks, kayaking/canoeing, nature hikes, trips to local attractions, etc.* (weather permitting)

A Residential Assistant is on site in the evenings and overnight.  During the evening hours clients spend their time journaling, doing assignments and attending off site AA and NA meetings, as well as reflecting on their sobriety through recovery.  Saturdays are open for family visiting on and off site.  Clients along with staff often will find themselves cooking or even grilling family style meals together

Amazing Clinical Staff and Recovery Facility for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Footprints in Recovery has an amazing professional staff and contracted staff who are trained to provide daily individualized care and treatment to each person struggling from addiction.  Some of the therapeutic modalities offered here are group therapy, psycho-education, art & music therapy, exercise, stress reduction and equine learning.  We maintain private, confidential, empathetic and structured 12-step recovery program we believe people can recover.  We believe in taking an approach that includes helping your mind, body and the spiritual side of your recovery process.

Our mission is that given the proper tools and skills, each person gains the knowledge and inspiration through the recovery process.  This will enable them to face life’s challenges and embrace life’s journey substance free

We are a small individualized  and discrete recovery center. We are a small 8 bed facility ensuring that each client receives the most personalized treatment possible . Your treatment plan is key to success while moving into your recovery process.  Footprints in Recovery realizes the importance of recovery as well as healing in other areas of your life, including your family.

Stunning Rehab Facility and Location for Alcohol and Drug Recovery

Our off site, quiet residential housing is much more like home.  With a dash of North Carolinian southern charm we have created an 8 bed living space, which encourages independent living environment.  We create for our clients, an all encompassing approach which incorporates practical skills for self-empowerment and loving life.

Footprints in Recovery is unlike most other places that offer drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities.  Here at Footprints you will be treated on a personal basis and not like a number.

Our ultimate location in the community of the Outer Banks of the North Carolina coast allows us sunny beaches, stunning scenery and a fresh ocean breeze to provide the perfect atmosphere for healing and recovery.  Activities incorporating the beach and the Pamlico Sound are included in the weekly routine of your program. *(weather permitting)

About Our Alcohol Recovery Program and Drug Addiction Treatment

Specific Help Offered

Process groups, psycho-education on drugs and alcohol, increasing self-esteem, dealing with abusive relationships, irrational thinking,  triggers, healthy relationships, spirituality, stress and anger management, coping and life skills, family dynamics, core emotions, and art therapy.

  • Group Process
  • Equine Program
  • Art Therapy
  • PTSD stress programs
  • Mindfulness / Meditation
  • Anger Management Groups
  • Self Esteem Groups
  • Specialty Groups
  • Traditional 12 Step Program
  • NA/AA Meetings

Addiction Recovery Center Amenities *weather permitting

  • Fitness program
  • Weekend outings
  • Kayaking*
  • Canoeing*
  • Beach Combing
  • Fishing
  • Local Festivities
  • Farm program, horsemanship

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse recovery is just a footstep away!

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