Footprints In Recovery Testimonials

Testimonials From Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Addiction Recovery Clients

Dana (27yrs old): “Footprints drug rehab brought my life back”

The Footprints in Recovery drug rehab has changed my life for the better. I have worked very hard on my addiction recovery these past few years. I got involved with Narcotics Anonymous after and did what the program suggested. I changed all my people, places, and things. I relocated to the Outer Banks after falling in love with it. I will be forever grateful to the program and Denise for planting the seed that I needed. My clean date is January 31, 2008....

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Krystina P (20yrs old): “Living life the way its meant to be”

After enduring many hardships in my life, I began suppressing my past with drug use. The staff as well as the others in my addiction recovery taught me so much about life, helped me realize I was suppressing my past, and gave me an outlet. I faced my demons. I won. Footprints in Recovery made an indescribable positive impact on my life. In my opinion, Footprints in Recovery is not just a “Rehab” it’s a whole different world. They will always have a place in my heart throughout my entire life because they helped me actually start my life, at their alcohol and drug rehab facility. I will be forever grateful for Footprints In Recovery. I am now living life the way its meant to be....

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Sherri N: My Daughter’s Miraculous Addiction Recovery

My family and I highly recommend Footprints in Recovery. For years we struggled to “change” our daughter’s habits. Much money was spent on doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and medicine. Give your addict one last chance. Let the experienced, loving, caring counselors guide your loved one to a new life, free of addiction. Do it for them. Do it for your family. You too can feel that peace in your heart, the ability to breathe again…. and shes soon to be 4 yrs clean soon....

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Jarrett M: “Thanks For Giving Me Mom Back!”

Thanks to your program I have my Mother back. She struggled for several years with her addiction to prescription drugs. We (the family) had tried so many different things. None of them worked. The strength she found within herself would not have been possible without your guidance. Mom isn’t the only one that healed through your program. We learned together as a family and understand each-other so much more respectively now.” 4 years clean now....

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Jay M (48yrs old): Recovery Success After 30 Years of Addiction

After more than 30 years of substance abuse, I am now learning to cope with “life on life’s terms” in the real world with the security of knowing that I have support. To me Footprints In Recovery has been a God-send and has given me a new chance at life without drugs and alcohol. ...

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Leah B (28yrs old): “Footprints in Recovery Saved My Life”

The idea of coming to rehab scared me to death, but once I got to Footprints In Recovery, I was immediately set at ease. I’ve been taught the coping skills I need to live. Footprints In Recovery has saved my life. Clean and sober now....

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