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Adopt a Beach – Footprints in Recovery

Adopt a Beach Outer BanksGreat day for beach clean up The sun is shining and God is good to all of us here.

This week we are focusing on the things that motivate us to change in our lives.

The old saying goes you go to rehab because of a nudge (by someone) a grudge (with someone) or by te judge (ordered).

Its amazing how we motivate ourselves to do so many things that really want but if we could chase the recovery like so many do things in our lives could get so much better and more sane. When things go bad in our lives we have a tendency to ask God why me? When you make the cross over to admitting powerlessness (step 1) you don’t even ask you say take over I’m done.

Have a great day everyone. Let the sunshine in your heart, it warms your soul!