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Checking Into Rehab – (part 1)

Checking-In at the Footprints In Recovery Rehab Center

Edward Bulwer-Lytton said, “The easiest person to deceive is oneself.” Residents of the Footprints In Recovery Program for rehabilitation from substance abuse and alcoholism quickly realize how prolonged addiction, substance abuse, and chemical dependency affects the mental and emotional aspects of the personality, and how irrational thinking and emotions run-riot have contributed to the destructive cycle of addiction.

Mornings at the Rehab

Every morning begins the same at the Footprints recovery house. Residents begin the day with daily readings from literature from the Twelve-Step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, or some other daily practice of prayer and meditation, known as the Eleventh-Step. Afterward everyone pitches in to prepare a hearty breakfast, clean the kitchen, and get set for the first recovery psycho-education group of the day.

Some mornings begin at one of the AA meetings, a group called “Turning Point” that meets in the Parish Hall of the Presbyterian Church in Kill Devil Hills, on the Outer Banks. There they hear the stories, experience strength and hope of others who have abstained from all drugs and alcohol and achieved long-term sobriety. When the group re-gathers at the Footprints In Recovery rehab facility, each individual shares in a round-robin format in a process simply referred to as “Check-In” and everyone becomes attentive to the fact that they have embarked on another 24 Hours of being clean and sober. The recovery check-in model is based on the concept that addiction has played a holistic role in damaging the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual make up of each individual addict and alcoholic in the program, and regardless of whether the chemical was alcohol, marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin or other opiates, pain-killers like Oxycontin or Percocet, or inhalants’; that rehabilitation and recovery will also include healing of mind, body, spirit, and emotions. The Footprints In Recovery residents take turns sharing with the group how they are doing in each of the holistic areas.

Most of the addicts and alcoholics who arrive at the Footprints In Recovery Rehab Center are still in the early stages of detoxification from chemical dependency. Footprints’ is not a medical facility, but does partner with detox facilities in the area and arranges the whole process as part of the rehabilitation and recovery program. Even after several days of detox, some residents arrive with symptoms of withdrawal. For instance, heroin and recovering opiate addicts might still feel some of the physical aches and pains associated with detox. In the immediate phase of abstinence, addicts might refer to what is commonly called being “dope sick”. Alcoholics who have safely detoxed, meeting the preliminary requirement of the Footprints rehab program, are sometimes still shaky or restless. Sleep disorders are fairly common early on in detoxification from chemical dependency.

Appetites are also out of kilter for most addicts and alcoholics immediately following detox, and early in the rehabilitation program phase of recovery. The nutritional meals at the Footprints In Recovery House takes into account the foods that aid the body in detoxification and renewed energy. Within a week or so, residents usually begin to settle into a balanced, healthy diet. Just as sleeping habits and appetites begin to normalize, residents are introduced to the joint exercise program between the Footprints In Recover Activities Director and the YMCA facility in Nags Head. Trainers and staff at the YMCA are available three days each week for an hour to hour and a half to assist the recovering addicts or recovering alcoholics in developing personal fitness goals. Residents are introduced to nautilus machines, free-weights, and a full gym with racquet-ball courts and two pools, one outside and one inside the main building for lap swimming. There is always an activity planned in the afternoon to engage Footprints clients in physical activity. Beach-combing, nature trails, kayaking adventures, and a popular indoor rock climbing wall for the daring!

The clinical and house techs at Footprints In Recovery take the physical well-being of each rehab client seriously. It is imperative that those recovering from addiction and chemical dependency are afforded every opportunity for healing through proper rest, activity, and diet; and the wellness program at the Footprints rehab and recovery center delivers the best!