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Outer Banks Wild Horses

Outer Banks Wild HorsesGood afternoon to all of you!

Looking forward to another gorgeous day here.

Today a baby harbor seal was spotted off Jeanettes pier in Nagshead by one of our Alumni.

We have been looking forward to the great warm up so we can get outdoors more ofter and have some beach clean up action and sea glass hunting on the south end of the island. My daughter found a piece of purple which is a rare find. The ponies are out and about they must be ready for some sunshine too.

Were so proud of our sober house and their accomplishments of starting a AA meeting and it has been going very well everyone is taking turns and they have had some great speakers with long term sobriety. Please stop in its on Wednesdays nights at 7 pm.

Id like for you all to see a awesome sight video if I can download it to here if not go to Footprints In Recovery community facebook page and watch.

Have a great day everyone!!