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Dana (27yrs old): “Footprints drug rehab brought my life back”

Footprints in Recovery drug rehab has changed my life for the better. I will be forever grateful to the drug rehab program and Denise for planting the seed that I needed to grow into the person my Higher Power wanted me to be.

My life growing up was pretty normal. I lived in the suburbs of Raleigh with my parents and sister. I never went without and had a good life. My parents always made sure my ...

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Krystina P (20yrs old): “Living life the way its meant to be”

After enduring many hardships in my life, I began suppressing my past with drug use. When the opportunity presented itself for a drug rehab center on the beach, I was beside myself because of my fear of the unknown. When people hear the word “rehab”, often the thoughts that arise (at least for me) are “shared, white, padded, mental facility type places that only tell you “don’t do drugs” and send you home.

I ...

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Sherri N: My Daughter’s Miraculous Addiction Recovery

My family and I highly recommend Footprints in Recovery. For years we struggled to “change” our daughter’s habits. Much money was spent on doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and medicine. Her recovery began day one at Christian based, Footprints in Recovery. There are no medical treatments; simply a spiritual journey where the addict can learn to like themselves again and to appreciate and be thankful for life.

I understand the cost is a big concern. Find a way to make it happen. Their ...

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Jarrett M: “Thanks For Giving Me Mom Back!”

Thanks to your program I have my Mother back. She struggled for several years with her addiction to prescription drugs. We (the family) had tried so many different things. None of them worked. It’s like she had given up on herself.

After 60 days her life was changed. I would like to thank you for helping her become the Mother we had missed for so many years.Not only did she overcome her addiction, but she was able to deal with ...

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Jay M (48yrs old): Recovery Success After 30 Years of Addiction

After more than 30 years of substance abuse, I realized that I must either change or die. For 7+ years now I have tried numerous detox centers and rehabs to address my problems but have always returned to using. I now have hope for my recovery thanks to Footprints In Recovery.

The state funded rehabs I have utilized in the past were always overcrowded, understaffed and catered to the “lowest common denominator” of their clients; not to mention that most of ...

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Leah B (28yrs old): “Footprints in Recovery Saved My Life”

The idea of coming to rehab scared me to death, but once I got to Footprints In Recovery, I was immediately set at ease.The family-oriented environment here has been crucial to my recovery now have hope that I never have to use drugs or alcohol again because through Footprints and my Higher Power, I’ve been taught the coping skills I need to live. Footprints In Recovery has saved my life. Clean an sober now.

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