Dana’s Rehabilitation Testimony

Dana’s Testimony” age 27- coming up on 4 years clean!!!

Footprints in Recovery has changed my life for the better. I will be forever grateful to the program and Denise for planting the seed that I needed to grow into the person my Higher Power wanted me to be.

My life growing up was pretty normal. I lived in the suburbs of Raleigh with my parents and sister. I never went without and had a good life. My parents always made sure my sister and I were taken care of. This life however was not without internal controversy. I never really felt I fit in anywhere. I was a people pleaser and did whatever I needed to do to fit in. I tried drinking and smoking pot the night after I graduated from High School. I had a late start, some would say. That led to skipping college and eventually dropping out. I always wanted to do hair, and I thought this was my chance!

I flew through Cosmetology school and was well on my way to a wonderful career. I started working at a salon after each school day and that is where I was introduced to cocaine. I was always told to stay away from drugs, especially “hard drugs.” I was trying to find my path in life and when I was high, I felt invincible and that I was the best at whatever I did. It gave me instant confidence.

It was always my dream to style hair for famous people, especially rock bands! Right after I graduated cosmetology school, I got a job doing hair for a well-known Rock n Roll band. We toured all over the US the drugs, sex, and rock n roll were my calling, or so I thought. When the tour was finished for the summer, I would return home and try to keep my hard partying lifestyle going. I never had money and my parents never understood why. This went on for 3 years. I received 2 DWIs, 1 possession of marijuana charge, numerous lost friends, my weight fluctuated, and those were just a few negative consequences. My relationship with my family was insane, to say the least. That is where the drugs and drinking brought me. I felt like a complete loser, my dreams were lost and I did not know where to go from here.

I was sentenced to inpatient treatment for my 2nd DWI. My parents decided on Footprints in Recovery because of the location and the overall program. I DID NOT WANT TO GO. Let me make that very clear. I wanted to be happy, healthy, and have money, however I knew that meant no drugs or drinking ever again. The night before I arrived I stayed up and did a whole 8ball of cocaine alone. I did not know that would be the last time I used my drug. I expected to do my 30 days and return home.

We arrived at the houses; I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. After some coaxing from the ladies and my parents, I walked in. I was welcomed with open arms (literally). I did not like hugging at that time! I started to get to know myself. My exterior matched my interior at that time. Black and green hair, piercings and black clothes because that’s what I felt….dark.

There I learned addiction is a disease and until I accept it, I cannot change it. I learned my Higher Power is always there for me, I just needed to turn things over. That was the best gift I could have ever received from anyone. I am extremely grateful to my parents for loving me enough to send me to Footprints. Their program has truly changed my life!

I have worked very hard on my recovery these past few years. I got involved with Narcotics Anonymous and did what the program suggested. I changed all my people, places, and things. I relocated to the Outer Banks after falling in love with it. I felt safe here. My family and I are closer today, than we ever have. I now work at a fantastic salon, live with my 2 cats and my boyfriend who is also in recovery. My clean date is January 31, 2008. Whoope Whoope..  almost 4 years now.

As of today, I still cannot legally drive. It is a consequence I must still deal with. I know soon enough, if I keep doing what I am doing that I will be legal again! That is one of the reasons I still give back to Footprints. I lead a 12 Step class there for a little over a year. You can only keep what you have by giving it away. Footprints brought my life back to me and I would get here as fast as you can  if your ready to live life again.