Rehabilitation Pricing

Footprints in Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Rates & Packages

Footprints in Recovery realizes that offering top quality service and support are the cornerstone of any recovery.  We are an affordable discrete private pay rehab, offering minimum 30 days up to 60 and 90 day stays.   We provide our clients with the best possible atmosphere, service and support.  We have great options available for financial assistance.  Our program cost includes group therapy, individual therapy, aftercare planning, family program, housing, laundry, nutritional meals, fitness membership, equestrian assisted therapy and recreational activities.

30 Day

60 Day

90 Day

Psychological Assessment
Random Drug Testing
Psychoeducation About Addiction
Relapse Prevention
Communication / Social Skills
Self Esteem Training
12 Step Meetings
Exercise at YMCA
Individual & Group Counseling
Assistance in Transition- Employment, Housing, Social Service, Education
Dual Diagnosis Counseling- Individual Sessions
Life Skills
Coping Skills
Boundaries in Relationships
Volunteer Opportunities
Vocational Rehabilitation
Intensive Individual and Trauma Therapy Available
NA of AA Sponsor Outings
Can Start Part-Time Work

Why Should I Stay Longer than 30 Days?

30 Day Rehab Package

According to empirical studies, the occurrence of relapses decrease when one stays in residential treatment for 90 days as compared to the 30 day model.  Many find that the support given in the 90 day model allows the client to have therapeutic support during the first 3 stages of recovery while the brain and body are recovering from long term substance use.

In the first 30 days a client’s brains and body are adjusting to being without the drug.  During this time we focus on teaching the client basic skills to assist them in recovery and to prepare themselves for when they return to the stress of everyday life that can often be a trigger.  We identify the core of their substance use and use individual sessions to help them process the “whys” of drug use.  Studies have shown it takes at the least 30 days to develop a new habit.  Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy we are trying to assist clients in thinking differently about themselves and how they view the world, since the client is still in a withdrawal state in the first week, he/she has not fully been able to work on developing healthy habits and a healthy mindset for 30 days.

60 Day Rehab Package

The 60 day program continues the recovery work started in the first 30 days and we work with the client more with life application with the recovery tools learned in treatment.  Although in the 30 day model we are able to address a dual-diagnosis (or co-occurring disorder) during the 60 day stay we are actually able to work towards treating the second mental health issue that may be the underline cause to the substance abuse or cause difficulties in recovery.  Substance use is often started by people who are self-medicating themselves.  Also in the 60 day program we assist clients in the transition of starting a new life with assistance in finding employment, education opportunities and transitional housing.

Full 90 Day Rehab Package

The 90 day program allows the client to continue to work the program in a safe therapeutic environment while having increased freedoms to start a job and other beneficial activities.  Establishing a new job and lifestyle can be difficult and stressful.  People, places and things can be triggers that could leave a client vulnerable for a relapse.  The 90 day program provides clients with therapeutic support while transitioning into everyday life.