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Part II– Footprints In Recovery

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first fifty-five minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I knew the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” ~ Albert Einstein

Footprints In Recovery
The Imperatives for Residents

1) Be Responsible:
You are, or are becoming, physically free of mind-altering chemicals and chemical dependency. The first imperative in recovery is Abstinence. You don’t drink ...

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Checking Into Rehab – (part 1)

Checking-In at the Footprints In Recovery Rehab Center

Edward Bulwer-Lytton said, “The easiest person to deceive is oneself.” Residents of the Footprints In Recovery Program for rehabilitation from substance abuse and alcoholism quickly realize how prolonged addiction, substance abuse, and chemical dependency affects the mental and emotional aspects of the personality, and how irrational thinking and emotions run-riot have contributed to the destructive cycle of addiction.

Mornings at the Rehab

Every morning begins the same at the Footprints recovery house. Residents begin the ...

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Adopt a Beach – Footprints in Recovery

Adopt a Beach Outer BanksGreat day for beach clean up The sun is shining and God is good to all of us here.

This week we are focusing on the things that motivate us to change in our lives.

The old saying goes you go to rehab because of a nudge (by someone) a grudge (with someone) or by te judge (ordered).

Its amazing how we ...

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Outer Banks Wild Horses

Outer Banks Wild HorsesGood afternoon to all of you!

Looking forward to another gorgeous day here.

Today a baby harbor seal was spotted off Jeanettes pier in Nagshead by one of our Alumni.

We have been looking forward to the great warm up so we can get outdoors more ofter and have some beach clean up action and sea glass hunting on the south ...

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Ms Stephanie – Art and Expression

Wow– March—– In like a lion and hopefully out like a lamb.

Another beautiful day here at the beach in the Outer Banks of NC
Art class went very well with Ms Stephanie. She is amazing and helps so many with her Art and expression.

Looking forward to gym at the YMCA today and some collage posters and photographs this week.

Hope every one has a great day….

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Bowling Last Evening

Another gorgeous day here….Sunny and warming up as the clock continues to tick away.

We all went bowling last night and laughed til our sunburn ached more.
Great meetings and meeting newcomers has been a blessing to everyone.

Tonight we have started a new AA meeting that is an open meeting at the sober house next door and the guys are running with joy to have to sponsor it.

Today were finished group and looking forward to getting out to enjoy the day ...

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Goodmorning Beautiful Outer Banks NC

Good Morning from the beautiful Outer Banks of NC!

The Footprints In Recovery Gang had an awesome day yesterday making the beginnings of their painting masterpieces and mutli media pictures on canvas.

I will post some pictures to see the beginnings and then of course the final projects for all to see.

YMCA day here this afternoon to work on fitness of the body, mind fitness is this am with checkin and also group this week on what motivates us in recovery and ...

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