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Sherri N: My Daughter’s Miraculous Addiction Recovery

My family and I highly recommend Footprints in Recovery. For years we struggled to “change” our daughter’s habits. Much money was spent on doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and medicine. Her recovery began day one at Christian based, Footprints in Recovery. There are no medical treatments; simply a spiritual journey where the addict can learn to like themselves again and to appreciate and be thankful for life.

I understand the cost is a big concern. Find a way to make it happen. Their lives are worth it and you will never regret your decision. Our daughter became baptized to signify the beginning of her new life. What an emotional day for all of us! All the years of anguish and worry. Now our hearts are at peace knowing our daughter has seen the Light.

Give your addict one last chance. Let the experienced, loving, caring counselors guide your loved one to a new life, free of addiction. Do it for them. Do it for your family. You too can feel that peace in your heart, the ability to breathe again…. and shes soon to be 4 yrs clean soon.