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Jay M (48yrs old): Recovery Success After 30 Years of Addiction

After more than 30 years of substance abuse, I realized that I must either change or die. For 7+ years now I have tried numerous detox centers and rehabs to address my problems but have always returned to using. I now have hope for my recovery thanks to Footprints In Recovery.

The state funded rehabs I have utilized in the past were always overcrowded, understaffed and catered to the “lowest common denominator” of their clients; not to mention that most of the programs are only 14 days long. This was not the case at Footprints.

Footprints’ 30,60 and 90 day programs are custom designed to individual client needs, educational background and intellectual level. The holistic approach to recovery embraces the three major aspects of success; physical emotional and spiritual well being.Because of the individual attention and small group environment, I have now graduated to the Sober Living portion of the program.

I am now learning to cope with “life on life’s terms” in the real world with the security of knowing that I have support just across the street. To me Footprints In Recovery has been a God-send and has given me a new chance at life without drugs and alcohol. Plus, the fact that is at the beach doesn’t hurt either! 2 years clean now and loving life.