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Krystina P (20yrs old): “Living life the way its meant to be”

After enduring many hardships in my life, I began suppressing my past with drug use. When the opportunity presented itself for a drug rehab center on the beach, I was beside myself because of my fear of the unknown. When people hear the word “rehab”, often the thoughts that arise (at least for me) are “shared, white, padded, mental facility type places that only tell you “don’t do drugs” and send you home.

I was completely caught off guard at what I found during my experience at Footprints in Recovery. Yes, the basis of everything was to work a program to live with your disease but it didn’t just teach me steps in NA/AA. Footprints opened my eyes, heart, and mind to the core of my drug use. The staff as well as the others in addiction recovery taught me so much about life, helped me realize I was suppressing my past, and gave me an outlet. I faced my demons. I won.

Footprints in Recovery made an indescribable positive impact on my life. In my opinion, Footprints in Recovery is not just a “Rehab” it’s a whole different world. It may seem a little off and its hard to explain in words but from the time I arrived at Footprints to when I left, it was like nothing else in the real world mattered. I got to focus on me and my addiction recovery and also learn and help others. Being at this North Carolina drug rehab and taking the time to listen and face my issues, gave me the serenity, courage, and wisdom I needed to start my life because I wasn’t living. The relationships I made with others, staff as well as others in recovery, mean so much to me. Everyone there touched my heart and everyone there will forever have made a difference in my life whether it was big and/or small.

They will always have a place in my heart throughout my entire life because they helped me start my life. I will be forever grateful for Footprints In Recovery. Living life the way its meant to be.